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Worth a Listen: The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway

We work with a lot of extremely smart, animated, wonderfully opinionated, geeky, funny and left/right brain folks every day. This includes clients, our team here, vendors, friends, board members and more. We’re sharing what they find interesting. Some topics you’ll find helpful for your job, other entries will be ideal for procrastination, there will be several that touch on hobbies, recommended TV shows and movies to stream, and an endless supply of very good articles and insights from a variety of publications, sites, other blogs and social channels. It’s a mash up of our favorite things from our favorite people.


“The Prof G Show” is a weekly podcast that helps listeners learn how to stay ahead in the world of business.

Employee’s choice: Erik Reisetter

I’ve been listening to the Prof G show a lot lately. Scott Galloway is an entrepreneur, author and prof at NYC Stern. His business insights and predictions are prescient and sometimes shockingly accurate – like when he said Amazon would buy Whole Foods and drop its HQ2 in either NYC or DC. He did get the ‘either’ wrong though.

His thoughtful, expert guests discuss topics ranging from big tech breakups to the push for racial and economic equality. He has ‘office hours’ for answering questions from listeners and ends each show with his ‘algebra of happiness’ – the secret formula for being happy and having a ‘life well lived’.

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