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What to Include in an Effective Communications Audit [4-Part Series]

Your company has been building insights on key audiences since its inception, supported by various marketing efforts. But how is that information being used to analyze your performance? How well is your marketing working? What’s clicking and what’s missing the mark?

These are loaded questions and can’t be answered easily. But a close look at the information already available to you makes this analysis much less daunting. 

A communications audit provides the blueprint to how your marketing is currently built and how solid that foundation is for supporting business goals. Not only will an audit deliver a comprehensive overview of the current state of your marketing and communications efforts, but it will help determine areas for growth and opportunities.  

An effective audit will provide analytics and in-depth analysis on four basic areas:

  1. Audience

    • Who is your message reaching? Who are you talking to? Who is engaged?

  2. Website

    • What is the average time spent on the site? What are your most popular pages and keywords? How are people navigating your site? Is your site speed optimized? Who are your competitors based on this information? 

  3. Social 

    • Are you creating viable and effective paid social campaigns? Does your editorial (organic) social activity support your goals? Do the two work in tandem to create an engaged audience and convert on CTAs?

  4. Think Future

    • Based on the analytics and analysis, where are there opportunities to more effectively leverage communications efforts? What are the quick wins and longer-term strategies to implement?

In the coming weeks, we’ll dig deeper into what an effective communications audit looks like, why it’s important and how the Evans Larson team can help you get started. 

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