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The Top Internet Browser Worldwide

After starting up your computer, your first destination is likely the internet. Maybe you click on it from the dock or magically have it open on start-up: the portal to all knowledge.

However, what portal are you actually using? Chances are, you’re not using the default internet browser that came pre-installed on your computer. In fact, according to statcounter, nearly two-thirds of the worldwide market uses Google Chrome compared to the pre-installed standards of Microsoft Edge (the rebrand of Internet Explorer) and Apple Safari. Apple Safari follows Google Chrome with 15.15% of the market, then Firefox with a mere 4.64%. And Internet Explorer comes in seventh place with just 2.29% of the market’s users. 

What does this mean for you? If Google Chrome isn’t your default browser, you might be missing out. Because Chrome has such a large market share of the internet browsers, developers often design for functionality, speed and more on Chrome. This means that websites could load and look differently on any one of those niche browsers.

So, next time you accidentally click on Internet Explorer while surfing your desktop and it makes the plea, “Would you like to make this your default browser?” Consider your options closely before clicking yes or no.