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4 Things to Click This Weekend: Algorithms and AirDrop

  1. PR Daily reports on Google’s algorithm update. The search engine behemoth will now show only the two most relevant pages from a domain before offering pages from another site. The algorithm update is likely to change how certain domains dominate search results, forcing communicators to get creative to elevate their content.

  2. As the Instagram algorithm evolves, agencies worry that organic reach will diminish as the platform moves towards more monetization. Read more on The Drum.

  3. Originally created as a method for fast file transfer between Apple devices, AirDrop has been hijacked by teens sharing memes. The Atlantic offers a read that’ll make you smile, or maybe cringe, on the new Gen Z phenomenon.

  4. From The Verge, an in-depth article on the rise, role and future of AI algorithms in the music industry and the legal issues that come at the crossroads of technology and creativity.