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Unlocking the Secret on Appnostic Behavior


Appnostic – App • nos • tic (n): Unlocking your phone with no app in mind.

People unlock their mobile device an average of 70 times a day. Just about a quarter of those people (22%) do so without an app in mind and 88% of everyone with a device displays this behavior on a regular basis. In comparison, only 11% of people feel like they open their phone with an app in mind over 90% of the time

Why is this happening? Simple answer: unlimited data plans. If it costs the same to use your device 100 times as it does 10, the likelihood that people will use it more often increases. And the ability to use the device without additional cost leads to more appnostic behavior as people seek new ways to interact with the online world.

What does this mean for content marketers? An even bigger emphasis on being “mobile first”. Not only does your website, app, social media page, etc. need to be responsive, but your images and copy need to target the mobile consumer before the desktop. For example, images and videos with vertical ratios may perform better than the traditional square or horizontal, since they take up more of a mobile screen.

Ultimately, the end goal is to become the destination of the appnostic. Your product needs to serve the on-the-go consumer and fit within that lifestyle – from copy to CTA. Not sure how to get started? Evans Larson can help.

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