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Is the Keyword Dead?


How people actually use search to locate information has changed. In case you missed it a few weeks back, Search Engine Land explains how a simple text entry into Google — either by keyboard or voice — isn’t necessarily how people find what they need anymore. User behavior and adoption of tech features (think voice on mobile) is driving search onto non-search-specific platforms like Google Shopping and Google Maps, both of which integrate with Google My Business and other products like YouTube. 

Keyword ad campaigns are still relevant, but are discussed as more a “dying ad type” than “it’s already dead.” Google has implemented an update to its search algorithm that helps match close variants to keywords, those implied or paraphrased. This helps to keep that traffic consistent for any keyword efforts in the works. Advertisers can still command the results of search queries by using keyword negatives, but with this newly expanded radius of close variants, total control isn’t a sure thing.

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