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Facebook’s Business is Still Solid


We’ve all read the headlines – the demise of Facebook is coming. But is it true? Marketplace, Wired and Business Insider say no.

Following months of a tumultuous media cycle — from congressional hearings to Russian hacking — Facebook continues to thrive. As summarized by Wired’s Nicholas Thompson and Marketplace’s Jack Stewart, two key reasons mark the continuation of Facebook’s success:

People don’t really understand that Instagram is owned by Facebook. While distrust for Facebook is still out there, many people continue to migrate to Instagram. However, Instagram implements the same ad network as Facebook, and rakes in the dollars.

Advertising continues to work. Facebook’s robust targeting based on interests, location and more allows marketers to discover and pinpoint niche audiences. The fact is simple: if marketers weren’t seeing such great ROI through advertising on Facebook, they would leave. But, despite the hubbub of the media, people continue to use the platform.

So, never fear, Facebook advertisers. Your audience and CTRs are here to stay – and perhaps are even growing. According to Business Insider, users are becoming numb to the constant turmoil and continue to forge their own path. Habits are hard to break.

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