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Content Landscapes On The Move

Today there are more options for where to go and find your niche on the internet. From new streaming platforms to smaller social media sites, highly targeted audiences are becoming harder to find. And while a highly targeted audience may seem small once you find them, their impact is great. 

We’ve scoured the internet and have found some interesting articles on the changing landscape of social and the audiences that have made their way there. Read, reflect and reach out if you have any questions on our thoughts. 

  • We’ve entered the battle for the streaming wars. 

    • Disney+ is already a huge success following the love for “Baby Yoda” from the new Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian.” But will it replace the grandpa of streaming, Netflix? Keep your eyes on those subscriber counts. Chances are the same consumer base will become more spread out, allowing for even more targeted messaging.

    • Keep your eye on advertisers using these services. Currently, only Hulu has an ad-supported subscription, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see more streaming services toy with the idea to lower prices in a competitive market.