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Best Resources for Free Fonts

Times New Roman. Arial. Helvetica. Comic Sans. In marketing, appearance can mean everything — including typefaces. Each font can have a time and a place, as well as create a mood for your consumer online, on social media, with your logo and more. 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite font resources so that you can create the right mood for your brand, without using the same font as everyone else. 

  1. Google Fonts

    Google Fonts is a great tool to find simple, web-safe fonts. Google has collected many open-source fonts, as well as the code to embed them in your website, making it very intuitive and easy to customize your brand’s look and feel. 

  2. Shutterstock

    The Shutterstock Blog gathered 101 of the best free fonts on the web for use. If you’re looking for something that stands out, this resource is for you. 

  3. DaFont

    DaFont allows creators to upload their own typefaces for download. While you may find something completely unique, keep in mind that many of these fonts may require you to credit or pay the author for complete use.