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Welcome, TikTok

Have you heard of TikTok? No? Check in with your resident Gen-Zer — this movie-based social media platform is hitting it big with younger demographics, and quickly moving into the world of marketing. In short, TikTok allows you to pair a video clip with a song or your own audio to create funny skits, lip sync to your favorite songs, give a quick tutorial or more. 

We’ve rounded up how some of our favorite companies are using the platform. Take a look so you can start making your plans to dive into this crazy, meme-ified video world.

1. The Washington Post

Let’s make journalism cool again! The Washington Post has dedicated a member of their video-producing staff to relating current events and news to the fun, quirky memes in TikTok. One of our recent favorites? Highlighting how flooded the newsroom was with reporting on the Mueller testimony—featuring Adele.

2. Chipotle

Who doesn’t like a Chipotle burrito? Chipotle is capitalizing on their universal love on TikTok with tasty images, songs and all-around fun.

3. The NBA

The NBA gives followers a look into the behind-the-scenes life of basketball stars, including workouts, the silliness of mascots and big plays from the week’s games. Of course, they also highlighted the 2019 finals win of the Toronto Raptors.