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Communications Audit: Your Content [Part 4 of 4]

How do you talk about something that’s everything? 

Content is the backbone of any brand and its marketing efforts. In our first blog post of this series we discussed reaching your audience where they are — and that’s important. But once you’re in front of them, do you have something to say? Are you telling the story of your brand clearly and concisely? Your content needs to be useful — otherwise, what’s the point?

Our team offers three key factors a communications audit will address to ensure your content is on brand and optimized to serve its purpose. 

  • Do you follow your brand guidelines? 

Your brand is what makes you, you. Don’t sway from it! Is your content recognizable? Are your images, videos and copy consistent? 

A communications audit will look at how you’re using your brand guidelines (or recommend you establish brand guidelines, should they not already be in place). This means establishing a font, color scheme, look and feel to your stock images, and more. 

  • Have you thought about SEO?

You’ve heard it from us before: SEO is the way to go. Have you researched what keywords and phrases drive traffic to your site? And are you using those keywords and phrases throughout your content? Do you use a combination of long-tail keywords and top terms? 

Algorithms are constantly changing, which directly affects SEO practices. Staying on top of these updates and pivoting when necessary will help your content appear in search. 

  • Are you the best answer?

Consider what your audience is searching for. Is your content useful? Helpful? Entertaining? 

Your content should serve as a solution to your audience. Use simple, searchable terms and think like your customer. What questions are they asking that you can be the best answer for?

So there you have it, the last entry of our communications audit series. We hope you’ve found these blogs helpful and if you have, reach out! We’re here to answer any questions and help you maximize your communication plans. 

Interested in working with us on a communications audit? We’d love to connect. Contact us with “Help! Communications Audit” as your message and we’ll reach out to talk about next steps.